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coingold.cc is the brand new online earning platform made for everyone, so even unexperienced investors are successfully making a profit. Our program, unlike any other, guarantees fix interest for investors regardless of market conditions.

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We welcome you to our unique investment platform coingold.cc! We are the fastest growing and experienced modern company in the crypto universe. Our venture is suitable for every investor who dreams of being financially free.

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Coin Gold Ltd

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CoinGold Limited is registered following the laws of the UK. coingold.cc can help you achieve steady expected return because we diversify at the same time, such as the investment in the virtual currency of the emerging market, including ICO and IPO, etc., as well as the investment in the traditional market like diamonds and metals, crude oil, and forex.

Location: 106 The White House 9 Belvedere Road, London, England, SE1 8YP

Company CEO: PARK, Jung Hyun

What is coingold.cc?

coingold.cc is an advanced trading company, specializing in providing profitable investment solutions. The vigorous activity in this area has allowed the Company to generate a competent team of experts and get an excellent practical experience for a short time. The investments in the different markets can bring in profit several times, exceeding the profitability of banking deposits and unlimited opportunities to derive benefit. We firmly believe in the prospects of foreign and cryptocurrency exchange trading since those markets are the largest in the world, by volume and therefore has the highest liquidity. Our experts' receptacle analyzes the market and draws the necessary conclusions based on changes in the field of market money by applying new approaches and techniques. Online investment attraction is the best way to make our business grow faster. Our investment platform is offering profitable investment opportunities to our customers to make money online without any risk involved in the process.

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